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  • 21Oct2016

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    Lighting The Fire: Ceramics Education in the American West

    August 16, 2016 to December 10, 2016. Opening Reception…

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    Facilities Planning Design & Construction

    Facilities Planning, Design & Construction Director


    Ben Berrett
    (435) 797-1957 Office
    (435) 797-3888 Fax
    Facilities (FCLT) 110B

    6605 Old Main Hill
    Logan, UT 84322-6605

    The Facilities Planning Department carries the responsibility for all planning for Utah State University. This includes the coordination of the internal campus infrastructure, development of the campus master plan, and the implementation and maintenance of character and aesthetics of the internal campus. The Planning Department also has the charge of maintaining healthy positive relationships between Utah State Univerisity and the local community, as well as the state of Utah.

    The Design and Construction Office of the USU Facilities Department is responsible for:

    • Coordinating actual project design and construction, including Capital Development Projects (which exceed $1,500,000) and Capital Improvement Projects (which cost less than $1,500,000)
    • Working closely with the Division of Facilities Construction Management (DFCM), the State agency that is responsible for all state-funded facilities
    • Providing necessary inspections and coordinating contractor meetings for all campus construction projects
    • Working closely with and facilitating the project design with architects and engineering (A&E) firms and campus customers
    • Supporting Facilities Planning in completing design requests for campus customers requesting remodeling through Facilities Modification Request forms
    • Providing overall technical support for the campus utility systems.

    The Planning Department is closely allied with the Facilities Design and Construction Department, and provides input in the form of design and construction coordination in the following areas:

    • Site development
    • Building remodeling
    • Parking
    • Roads and walkways
    • Landscaping
    • Sculpture location
    • Review of site drawings and specifications for new buildings
    • Proposals to state funding agencies
    • Space inventory and allocation coordination
    • Signage


    Golden Toaster Demo:

    Demolition of Golden Toaster Video by Joe Beck, from USU's Planning, Design, & Construction.