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    Utilities Director


    Daniel Ferris
    (435) 797-9500 Office
    (435) 797-8758 Fax
    Central Energy Plant (CEP)

    6600 Old Main Hill
    Logan, UT 84322-6600


    Reid Olsen
    (435) 797-7025 Office
    (435) 797-8758 Fax
    Central Energy Plant (CEP) 114A

    6600 Old Main Hill
    Logan, UT 84322-6600

    Central Energy Plant (CEP)

    The Central Energy Plant has two crews, the first which maintains our utility infrastructure that includes:

    • Steam distribution piping
    • Chilled water distribution piping
    • Utilitiy Tunnels
    • Electrical Substations
    • Electrical distribution system
    • Hydro Generator at First Dam

    The second crew maintains and operates the central energy plant 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

    The plant includes the following:

    • Three Babcock and Wilcox boilers that were installed in 2002 with a capacity of producing a total of 220,000 lbs/hr of steam to heat the campus.
    • Three York chillers with the capacity to produce a total of 4500 tons of cooling.
    • One Solar gas turbine generator unit with a heat recovery with capacity to produce 4.5 Megawatts of electrical power and up to 50,000 lbs/hr of steam from the heat recovery unit.  This unit can be use for base load cogeneration or peak power production.

    Solar Array Completed Project:

    USU's Facilities Department has partnered with Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky customers to install this 66,000 watt array at the USU Matthew Hillyard Animal, Teaching, and Research Center Building located at the ADVS Department's South Farm in Wellsville, UT.

    South Farm Hillyard Solar Array