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Welcome to the Adele and Dale Young Child Development Laboratory

About Us

The Adele and Dale Young Child Development Laboratory is accredited through National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). We offer a variety of outstanding play-based, exploratory preschool programs for children ranging in age from birth through five.

As part of the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services’s Department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development, and consistent with Utah State University’s Land-Grant mission, the Laboratory has a three-pronged focus. These three components include providing service for children and families, research, and training pre-professionals.

Our Philosophy

Our programs are theoretically and practically devoted to the development of social competency skills in the children we serve. Regardless of the child's age, social competency goals are inherent in every program. While the methods for attaining the goals may vary with age, these underlying goals provide a thread of continuity for the Laboratory as a whole.

Basic to the social competency framework is the notion that children learn most effectively through active exploration and participation in their environment. Moreover, each child has specific interests, curiosities, talents, and a self-esteem that must be nurtured and enhanced.

Each program is built upon a foundation of providing children with a wide variety of developmentally appropriate divergent activities, a stimulating multi-sensory environment, opportunities for discovery and making choices, interpersonal interactions, and independence-promoting experiences. It is recognized that there is no single standard towards which all children work. Instead, children progress according to their individual abilities in developing, for example, independence, cognitive skills, creative thinking, problem-solving strategies, curiosity, self-help skills, and interpersonal skills.