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The DDE Center serves children ranging in age from 6 weeks to 6 years and offers a summer day camp for school age children. Each classroom provides developmentally appropriate curriculum, materials, and equipment. Each of the lead teachers has included a description of their classrooms below. 

infant toddler classroomInfant/Toddler Classroom (6 Weeks to 24 Months) – The first two years of life are a time of great change and development. The Infant/Toddler classroom strives to provide parents and children with a loving and flexible care environment, designed to meet their own specific needs. Materials and experiences in the classroom such as feeding, diapering, art, sensory, and large motor activities are all intended to meet the children’s developmental level and encourage further growth. Teachers interact and communicate with parents to encourage continuity and quality of care for each individual child.

Junior PreschoolJunior Preschool Classroom (2 and 3 year olds) – Junior Preschool provides a transition from toddlerhood to the preschool years. Much of the day is spent in play and gaining self help skills. Children typically work on potty training, dressing themselves, and serving themselves. Daily experiences include a sensory table, art materials, dramatic play, books and reading, math and manipulatives, science, large and small motor activities, and semi structured group times both in the classroom and outside. Two and three year olds developing sense of independence and initiative are encouraged through the provision of choices during most of the day.

Senior PreschoolSenior Preschool Classroom (3 ½ to 6 year olds) – Each day consists of choice time, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, large and small groups, and outside time. All developmental areas are integrated into this study, offering authentic opportunities to learn and grow.  Children frequently participate in science experiments, cooking experiences, field trips, and have classroom visitors, along with a variety of classroom materials.  Teacher observations of children are used, in part, to help with future planning to ensure that children’s individual needs are met.  Teachers work to establish an open line of communication with all families and value their role in teaching children.

Kindergarten Care (Children attending Kindergarten in the morning) – Kindergarten Care is designed to provide a supportive and enriching experience beyond the kindergarten classroom. Morning kindergarten children join us at the DDE Center for outside and self-selected play, lunch, homework, and a variety of activities to extend kindergarten learning. Activities may include science experiments, food experiences, movement, art, language and reading, math games, and campus field trips. Kindergarten Care is available on public school early release and in-service days.

Day Camp (Summer Only) (School Age children) – Day camp is offered through the summer months for school-age children. Children at this age enjoy getting out and exploring, and the day camp program is designed to support this with daily off-site activities ranging from art and science experiences to recreation and swimming