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Gerontology Certificate Application

Please submit the Gerontology Certificate Application form to apply online.


Personal Information
Academic Information
(must be 3.0 or above)
Certification Requirements

Please enter the following semesters you have taken these courses, or enter the semester in which you plan to take the course
Required Coursework
(10 credits)

Semester Taken/Plan To Take - (Semester/Year)

The gerontology Practicum paper has to be taken the same semester as the practicum or afterward – it cannot be taken before the practicum

Elective Coursework
(6 credits)

Semester Taken/Plan to Take - (Semester/Year)

Please see the list of elective courses first, as well as when they are offered, their prerequisites and so on, before filling out this section.

Online-Courses Only:
In several paragraphs, please describe the following:
  1. Why have you chosen to complete the Gerontology Certificate?
  2. What are your career and educational goals?
  3. What past exposure have you had to gerontology?
After submitting your application, it will be reviewed by the Geronotology Certificate Coordinator.
You should receive an e-mail within two weeks letting you know if you have been accepted into the program.