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Timeline for Gerontology Certificate Students
and Links to Forms

  1. Apply to the Gerontology Certificate Program
    (the online form is sent to Beth Fauth, Gerontology Certificate Coordinator)

  2. You should receive an e-mail reply within two weeks of your application, letting you know if you have been accepted into the program.

  3. Core Coursework and Electives, and SGA club participation:
  4. Work on required and elective coursework as described in your application.

    You will essentially be working on your required and elective courses, as well as participating in the SGA club on your own. When it comes time to prepare for gerontology practicum you will need to plan ahead and contact Grant Bartholomew or Judy Hendrickson (see below). You can contact me (Beth Fauth) prior to registering for the Integration paper, and for other reasons as needed.

  5. Gerontology Practicum (FCHD 4970)
  6. This course is taught by Grant Bartholomew in the department of FCHD. Judy Hendrickson (Administrative Assistant in FCHD) processes practicum materials. The course requires you to commit 150 hours working (volunteer or for pay) in a setting with/on behalf of older adults. You choose the facility, and it does not have to be in Logan, Utah. Some common practicum sites:

    • Assisted Living or Nursing Homes
    • Senior Centers
    • Agency on Aging Offices
    • Hospice
    • Rehabilitation Centers


    The information on this web page is meant to be a quick summary. Detailed instructions for requirements for the gerontology practicum, the application process and so on, are provided in the handbook.


    FCHD majors: You must abide by the same practicum application deadlines for the Gerontology Practicum as you do for the FCHD Practicum.

    Other majors: You must have your background check and other materials approved by the start of the semester you wish to take the practicum. As there are often lengthy delays on background checks, please aim to get all materials submitted at least 6 weeks before the start of the semester.If possible, aim to follow the same deadlines as the FCHD majors.


    The application for the Gerontology practicum is SEPARATE from the application to the gerontology certificate. Being accepted into the gerontology certificate program does NOT get you accepted into the practicum. Review the handbook for application instructions. The electronic Gerontology Practicum Application is available here. If you complete a paper copy (from the handbook), have it signed by Beth Fauth (Gerontology Certificate Coordinator) prior to submitting to Judy Hendrickson or Grant Bartholomew.

    For questions about the gerontology practicum please email Judy.h@usu.edu or grant.bartholomew@usu.edu.

  7. Gerontology Integration paper (FCHD 4940) course
  8. You will need to email Beth Fauth when you are ready to register for the Gerontology Integration paper (FCHD 4940) course. Send an email stating that you wish to register for the course. Beth will forward the email to the Academic Advisor who can open the course for you to register. This course must be taken concurrently or after the FCHD 4240 and Gerontology Practicum (not before).

  9. Graduation:
  10. The semester you are graduating: Complete the Graduation Form for Certificate at the beginning of this semester.

    After graduation, check your transcript. You will look for SPECIAL CERTIFICATE IN GERONTOLOGY (currently this appears in the notes section at the bottom of the electronic transcript)