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Family, Consumer, and Human Development


Current Research

Human Development

Ann Berghout Austin Infancy and Child Development
Troy E. Beckert Adolescence
Lisa Boyce Infancy and Child Development
Travis Dorsch Adolescence
Elizabeth B. Fauth Aging and Adult Development
Randall M. Jones Adolescence
Shelley L. Lindauer Infancy and Child Development
Maria C. Norton Aging and Adult Development
Lori A. Roggman Infancy and Child Development
Sarah Tulane Adolescence

Family Relations

Scot M. Allgood Marriage and Family Therapy
Kay Bradford Marriage and Family Relations
Lucy Delgradillo Family Finance
Jeffrey P. Dew Marriage and Family Relations
Brian J. Higginbotham Marriage and Family Relations
Yoon G. Lee Family Finance
Lucas Martin Family Finance
Megan Oka Marriage and Family Therapy
Dave Robinson Marriage and Family Therapy
Ryan B. Seedall Marriage and Family Therapy
Linda Skogrand Marriage and Family Relations