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Family, Consumer, and Human Development

Jeffrey Dew, Ph.D


Associate Professor

Email: jeff.dew@usu.edu
Location: FCHD West 106
Office Phone: 797-9184
Fax: 797-7220

UMC 2705
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-2705


Dr. Jeffrey Dew is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development at Utah State University. He received a dual-titled PhD in Human Development and Family Studies and Demography from The Pennsylvania State University. Jeff teaches statistics and research methods at the graduate level and family studies courses at the undergraduate level. Dr. Dew’s research focuses on the “daily life” issue of the association between family resources (i.e., money and time) and relationship quality. Specifically, Dr. Dew is currently investigating 1) factors that protect couples’ marital quality during financial difficulties, 2) parental time use, and 3) the role of generosity in marital relations. When not engaging with students or in research, Jeff enjoys reading and playing a wide variety of board games and card games with his children.

Research Projects

Money and Family Relationships

  • Jeffrey Dew, PhD
  • Robert Stewart (PhD, 2014)
  • Samantha Nelson (MS, 2011)
  • Bonnie Anderson (MS, 2010)
  • Amanda Horrocks (MS, 2010)

Time Use, Marriage, and Parenting

  • Jeffrey Dew, PhD
  • Zuri Garcia (MS, 2013)


PhD, The Pennsylvania State University (Dual Title - HDFS/Demography)
MS, The Pennsylvania State University (Dual Title - HDFS/Demography)
BS, Brigham Young University (Psychology)

Departmental Role

My primary roles are conducting research and teaching. I also enjoy helping graduate students understand statistics. My strengths are secondary data analysis and advanced statistics. Graduate students who have worked with me are interested in using data that have been already collected to answer their own research questions.

Research Interests

The relationship consequences of financial financial behaviors and issues.

  • What happens to newlywed's marital satisfaction as they pay off their consumer debt?  What happens if they assume more debt?
  • How are cohabiting couples' disagreements over finances related to their relationship stability relative to other types of disagreements?
  • How has the recession influenced couples' relationships, and what can they do about it?

    Time-use, marital relationships, and parenting.  Examples:

  • How has the amount of time that married couples spend together has changed over the past four decades?
  • How do couples' time changes that occur when they become parents influence their marriage quality?
  • How do individuals' feelings about family life influence their marital quality and likelihood of divorce?

Courses Taught

FCHD 2400 - Marriage and Family Relationships
FCHD 4230 - Family and Social Policy
FCHD 6010 - Survey of Family Relations (Graduate Level)
FCHD 6220/7220 - Family and Interpersonal Relationships (Graduate Level)
FCHD 7034 - Research Methods IV: Extant/Secondary Data Analysis (Graduate Level)

EDUC/PSY 6600 - Research Design and Analysis I (Graduate Level, Statistics)
EDUC/PSY 7610 - Research Design and Analysis II (Graduate Level, Statistics)