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Family, Consumer, and Human Development

Undergraduate Minors

Family and Human Development Minor

The minor in Family and Human Development is designed to provide a knowledge base for understanding families and human development in order to enhance the training of majors in other academic disciplines.

Family Finance Minor

SPED Minor for FCHD

For students working on a bachelor’s degree in Family, Consumer and Human Development who are interested in working with families of children from birth to three who have disabilities, and are wanting the Utah Department of Health credential to serve these children in a Head Start Baby Watch early prevention program.

To declare a minor, please contact Laura Holley in-person, or by email. Please provide your name, A#, and the minor you would like to declare.

Laura Holley
Academic Advisor
phone: 797-1530
office: Family Life (FL) 205
e-mail: laura.holley@usu.edu