Bull trout survival and movement in the mid-lower Walla Walla River, Washington: understanding the role of environmental stressors and signals.




Resource managers need to understand the interactions between a species and its environment to inform recovery actions for Threatened and Endangered Species. The goal of this project is to determine how environmental covariates influence bull trout survival in the Middle and Lower Walla Walla River. To accomplish this goal we will 1) compile existing environmental covariate data, 2) determine where data gaps exist and collect information to fill data these gaps, and 3) conduct a spatial analysis of environmental covariates and bull trout movement and survival. Combining the bull trout survival, movement, and habitat data that we have collected for the last 10 years with targeted new information will allow us to inform bull trout recovery efforts in the Walla Walla River Basin and throughout their range.


  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)
  • U.S. Geological Survey – UCFWRU (in-kind)


  • Phaedra Budy, Principle Investigator, US Geological Survey – UCFWRU, USU- Department of Watershed Sciences
  • Howard A. Schaller, Project Leader, USFWS - Columbia River Fisheries Program Office
  • Courtney Newlon, Graduate Research Assistant, USFWS, USU – Department of Watershed Sciences (expected graduation, 2014)


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Budy, P., T. Bowerman, and G.P. Thiede.
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2010 Annual Report. UTCFWRU 2011.



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