Financial Aid

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What do I do so that my financial aid pays for my classes?

  1. Register for classes, please note the following:
    You must be enrolled in semester-based classes to receive financial aid.
    Grants adjust up or down at the beginning of the term depending on how many credits you take.
    More information on adjustable grants.
    All federal loans require at least six credits of enrollment - no exceptions for any program.
    Year-long independent study classes do not qualify for financial aid.
    USU-approved study abroad programs may qualify for aid.

  2. Check your charges - Don't lose your classes.
    Check your Financial Account Summary on MyUSU in the Banner menu before fee-payment deadline.
    If your Authorized Financial Aid and Memos are equal to or more than what you owe, you will not lose your classes.
    Once you have accepted your financial aid funds, they will be automatically* applied to your charges before the semester unless you have a hold on your account.
    *Please note: student loans require additional steps before they pay tuition.

  3. What to do if you still owe.
    If you owe more than the estimated financial aid, you must pay the remaining balance before fee-payment deadline to prevent your classes from being dropped.
    You might want to consider a tuition installment plan.
    If you lose your classes, your financial aid is still available but you will need to re-register to activiate it.

  4. Receive remaining funds during the first week of class by mail or direct deposit.
    If you have remaining financial aid funds, a check will be sent to your mailing address during the first week of class. You can have access to your funds more quickly by arranging to have the
    funds deposited into your checking account:

    Login to MyUSU
    Select Banner
    Select "Financial Aid (FAFSA) Menu"
    Select "F. Direct Deposit"
    Provide the requested information and save