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The Financial Aid Office can help make a degree financially possible for every qualified USU student. However, federal financial aid is just one part of a payment strategy that should include money saved by the family and student for attending school as well as scholarships and waivers. Grants, student loans, parent loans, and work-study funds are offered to students who qualify to help increase access to higher education. All the information you need for applying for federal aid can be found here.

About USU Financial Aid

Checking On Your Financial Aid Application

  • We send out financial aid offers or other instructions to fully admitted students by email generally one week after FAFSA submission.
  • More information about your status can be reviewed on MyUSU - after you log in, click on the Banner button, click on the "Financial Aid (FAFSA) Menu" and click on the "To-Do List."
  • Financial aid is accepted through the MyUSU website. Students should first review the Terms and Conditions of financial aid to know their responsibilities when accepting financial aid.

Your Right to Privacy

To protect your right to privacy, we use your SecurityPhrase to verify your identity when you call us. Please take a moment to create your SecurityPhrase. Because email isn't secure, we can only answer general questions by email.





Financial Aid News

Spring 2019 Deadines

  • Wed, Dec 12: Tuition and Fee payment deadline - Any difference between accepted financial aid and spring charges must be paid by this date to avoid losing your courses
  • Mon, Jan 14: USU Eastern Tuition and Fee payment deadline - Any difference between accepted financial aid and spring charges must be paid by this to avoid losing your courses
  • Jan 7 - Jan 28: Grants will increase or decrease based on enrollment
  • Wed, Jan 23: Last day to submit an academic progress appeal for spring 2019 federal aid
  • Mon, Jan 28: Last day to register for courses in spring term and still receive grants, if otherwise eligible - Any courses registered after this date do not qualify for an increase in grants

 Fall 2018 Deadlines

  • Fri, Dec 7: Last day for a professional judgment appeal to be received in the financial aid office
  • Fri, Dec 7: Last day to request a Parent PLUS loan from (You must be otherwise eligible for federal aid)
  • Wed, Dec 12: Last day to submit your 2018-19 FAFSA if you are not attending spring 2019 semester and are eligible for a Federal Pell grant. 
    If you are selected for verification, all verification tasks must be submitted by April 1, 2019. 
  • Thurs, Dec 13: Last day to accept Direct loans for students only attending fall semester (You must have been awarded before this date!)


Keep your email address up to date on MyUSU

We send email notices when you are awarded or when you need to know or submit something that affects your funding. MyUSU

Financial Aid Comes with Strings Attached

To keep your aid, you must meet a minimum total institution GPA and course completion standards. Please review USU's Financial Aid's Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Federal Pell Grant - For a Limited Time Only

Students who have received the equivalent of 12 or more full-time semesters of Federal Pell Grant are no longer eligible for Federal Pell funding. Some Federal Pell Grant awards may be reduced or cancelled as we receive updates from the U.S. Department of Education. We will notify ineligible recipients of any changes or cancellations.

Direct Subsidized Loans Also Have Limits

Direct Subsidized Loans are now limited to encourage students to graduate on-time. These regulations apply to all first-time or zero-balance borrowers and went into effect July 1, 2013. You will need to familiarize yourself with these changes in order to plan out your education.

Why Form 1098-T Is Important to You

An education credit helps with the cost of higher education by reducing the amount of tax owed on your tax return. Based on both anecdotal information and data from the IRS, we believe many students and their families do not take advantage of these tax credits that could save them thousands of dollars. Please take a moment to review important information about your 1098T form at We encourage you to a contact a qualified tax professional for additional information.

Student Loan Servicing

To keep track of your loan balance and servicer information, go to – click on "LOG IN" and enter your FSA ID information to get started.

Financial Aid & Academic Participation

Students who withdraw from or fail courses may be required to document participation to avoid repaying some or all of their federal aid. Please note, students who withdraw from or fail all their classes may still be required to return a portion of their federal aid (even with documented participation).

Federal Perkins Loan Servicing

USU's Federal Perkins Loans are now being serviced by UNISA instead of ACS:

Phone: (800) 875-8910


You can go to college. We can help. Don't pay for FAFSA! Our office offers help with FAFSA preparation and submission for free.