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Financial Aid Mission

The Financial Aid Office makes a degree financially possible for every qualified USU student.
Financial resources are awarded to students based on federal law, state law, and university priorities in accordance with its land-grant mission to promote access to higher education. Services include:

- Administering Federal and State Grant and Loan Programs
- Student Employment and Work-Study
- Helping Raise Awareness of Financial Aid Programs
- Financial Counseling for USU Students

In order to fulfill its mission, policies and procedures must be continually evaluated to ensure prompt, efficient service in compliance with law. Evaluations include: satisfaction surveys, annual audits, and management review.


Objective #1: Provide accurate, timely service to students.
Measurement: A random-sample survey of students is conducted biannually to assess overall satisfaction with FA services. Computer reports are run at least weekly to monitor timeliness of student awards and disbursement of aid.

Objective #2: Maintain compliance with federal law.
Measurement: In office's quality control program, student files are reviewed for accuracy and compliance with regulation. Annual compliance audits are conducted by the State. The last three audits had no findings of non-compliance.

Objective #3: Train staff to meet changing demands.
Measurement: Staff participates in open weekly staff meetings and weekly functional group meetings. Paperwork is checked for accuracy with quality control program. Students are invited to appeal decisions of staff, provide feedback.

Past/Ongoing Assessments:

  1. State of Utah audits
  2. USU audits
  3. Federal Program Review
  4. Biannual Student Satisfaction Survey
  5. Verification forms (assess clarity of forms and instructions)
  6. Quality Control program (evaluate accuracy of staff)
  7. Staff feedback from daily interaction with students

Translating Assessment Data Into Action:

Input from various forms of assessment are discussed in weekly staff meetings, training sessions, and annual retreats. Changes are proposed and endorsed by the staff in these meetings.

Resulting Changes from Assessment:

  1. Allotment of office resources in response to feedback and assessment. Counselors handle specific portions of the alphabet to give continuity in service to students.
  2. All forms are revised at least annually.
  3. Supplemental applications have clearer instructions.
  4. Financial Aid information is available to students on the Internet.

Federal Aid Awarded (PDF)
Results from 2010-2011 survey (PDF)
Results from 2007-2008 survey (PDF)
Results from 2006-2007 survey (PDF)
Results from 2003-2004 survey (PDF)
Results from 2001-2002 survey (PDF)
Results from 1999-2000 survey (PDF)

Council for the Advancement of Standards (PDF)

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