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Bark Beetle Activity in USFS Region 4 1991 to 2009

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VER 1.1 Created 2/20/2010 by Wanda Lindquist, Utah State University Wildland Resources, from US Forest Service Region 4 Aerial Detection Survey (ADS) data. Rev 2/19/2010 (data sort). Thanks to Darren Blackford for comments. Click HERE to view mountain pine beetle only motionchart and HERE to view motionchart with DCA and HOST_SPECIES fields reversed.

Total area of bark beetle mortality in square meters and total number of trees killed in Region 4 from 1991 to 2009 by agent (beetle) and host tree species.

TECHNOTES: Summary data created from merged r4_adsXXXXdmg_polygon.dbf |XXXX=1991 to 2009
Filters: DCA1 ≥ 11000 AND ≤ 12000; DMG_TYPE1=2
Modifications: Removed record 2003 DCA1=11050 HOST1=20; combined 2003 record DCA1=11005 with 2003 DCA1=11006 (one record for "lodgepole pine beetle" added to "mountain pine beetle")