The 5 minute data was projected using the MODIS Swath Reprojection Tool downloaded from then viewed in ArcMAP.

The daily data was analyzed and proecessed in IDL (Interactive Data Language)

The animation was created using Adobe Flash CS3

All work was done by Wanda Lindquist on behalf of the US Forest Service and Michael Jenkins, Utah State University

This animation shows the progression of the Eastfork fire from 6/28/2002 using MODIS MOD14 thermal anomaly data. The information from this animation will be used to calibrate a FARSITE simulation. Day180 = June 28, 2002. 0525 is 5:25 AM.

The following MODIS files were downloaded from

MOD03 are geographic locator files used to project the 5 minute data (MOD14)
The following are MODIS 1km 1 day Thermal Anomoly files (each file contains 8 days of data). This data was used to determine on which days the fire burned.