Using the Digital Photo Guide

Photo series for each forest type are accessed by selecting one of the tabs located at the upper left of the screen. Once the desired forest type has been selected, scroll through individual photos by using the right or left arrows located on either side of the image. Thumbnails of each photo appear on the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen that allows for more rapid navigation through the series. To facilitate navigation, endemic, epidemic, and post-epidemic photos have green, red, and white borders, respectively. A photo of interest may be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnail.

Graphical summaries of changes in fuels (both type and amount) and fire behavior predictions over time are accessed by selecting the tabs located at the upper right of the screen.

The DATA link located at the top of the screen links to tabular summaries of all fuels data, the results of statistic analyses, predicted fire behavoir outputs, custom fuel models, and stand conditions (structure and composition).

All photos in this guide may be downloaded from the Image Gallery page. Please credit Utah State University for photos used in presentations, trainings, publications, or other applications.