November 2005 Newsletter

Please forward this email to a friend and invite her to join you for the next meeting.
FPW meets 12:30-1:30 p.m. in Family Life room 318 on the USU campus. Feel free to bring your lunch. The same program is repeated in the evening: 7-8:30 p.m. at the Family Life Center , 493 North 700 East, Logan (at bottom of Old Main Hill).
November 9: Answers to your Homeowners (& Renters) Insurance Questions.
Basic risk management principles that can be applied to all categories of insurance plus specific tips on home owners insurance including flood and earthquake coverage. To get the most out of the program, review your insurance policy. (See "take action" below).
Geologist Susanne Janecke will join us at the 12:30 program to share some tips on what you can do to reduce damage from an earthquake.
Upcoming programs: December: No program scheduled. Take the time to spend with family and friends. This is a good time to reflect on the August FPW program on Voluntary Simplicity.
Your input is needed! Send an email to with suggestions for topics for 2006.
Websites of the Month
Utah Insurance Department
Auto and homeowner insurance
HO & Auto Insurance Comparison Tables
National Flood Insurance,
Take Action!
Review your homeowners insurance policy. Is your deductible amount appropriate? Do you have actual cash value or replacement cost coverage on your personal property? Homeowners insurance does not cover flood or earthquake damage. Decide if you need flood insurance. All of Cache Valley is an earthquake prone area.
Why you need to read The Wall Street Journal Sunday in Sunday's Salt Lake Tribune : Because my favorite financial journalist writes the "Getting Going" column. The WSJ Sunday includes a variety of different columns on topics from investing to retirement. Invest 10-15   minutes a week to learn how to improve your financial security. I can't remember how long I've been reading Jonathan Clement's "Getting Going" column in The Wall Street Journal each Wednesday. His financial advice is timely and on target. His columns are clear, they make sense and he tackles issues of concern to investors. Clements can also be heard on Utah Public Radio on Friday mornings as part of Morning Edition. Encourage a few friends to read The Wall Street Journal Sunday and get together for an informal lunch to discuss what you learned each week.
Taxes and Savings
Are you still having too much tax withheld from your paycheck? The average federal income tax refund this year was $2,126, or just over $175/ month. Remember that getting a large tax refund means that you let the federal government use your money all year without paying you any interest. If you owe credit card debt at the average APR of 13% you would be much better off to adjust your income tax withholding using the W-4 form. Reduce the amount being withheld and use that money instead to pay down your credit card debt. If you do not owe any consumer debt but still receive a refund, adjust your withholding and have the "extra" money transferred automatically into a savings account. While most savings accounts pay 1% or less, on-line banks such as <> (3.4% APY) and Emigrant American Dream savings account (4.0%) <>. Both offer no minimum and FDIC insurance but all or most transactions must be done electronically (that's how they can afford to pay such high rates on savings). Pay yourself first!!
Upcoming Events:
The Alternative Gift Mart
Saturday, November 12, 9:30-2:30
Presbyterian Church address: 12 South 200 West, Logan
"Sending gifts of food, shelter, trees, gardens, medicines around the world since 1986. Select an alternative gift from 35 life- sustaining, worldwide projects to honor family and friends."
Logan 's year round source for alternative gifts: Ten Thousand Villages (just north of   Sunrise Cyclery which is 138 N 100 E, Logan)
It's not to late to participate!
The Good Life: Planning and Preparing for Your Retirement Future
USU Extension Services and USU Community Credit Union are pleased to co-sponsor this financial education series.  Classes and materials are provided at no cost to participants.  Schedule of sessions:
Date Time Subject
Sep 28 7 to 8:30 Determining Amount Needed to Retire
Oct 26 7 to 8:30 Social Security Issues
Nov 30 7 to 8:30 Financial Planning for Retirement
Jan 25 7 to 8:30 Preparing for Retirement: Strategies for Catching Up
Feb 22 7 to 8:30 Understanding the Stock Market
Mar 29 7 to 8:30 Needs of the " Sandwich Generation"
Apr 26 7 to 8:30 Protection Yourself Against ID Theft
All sessions will be held in Multi-purpose Room: Suite 109 , Cache County Administration Building , 179 North Main , Logan , UT
To register, contact: Adrie Roberts, USU Extension - Cache County , 179 North Main , Suite 111,
Logan , Utah , 84321 .  (435) 752-6263.
The USU Family Life Center , 797-7224, 493 N 700 East (bottom of Old Main Hill), provides free financial counseling and occasional workshops. This is the best source for basic money management and getting out of debt. They offer the PowerPay computer debt analysis for free.
Financial Planning for Women (FPW) is a monthly educational seminar that meets the second Wednesday of each month at two times: 12:30-1:30 p.m. in Family Life room 318 on the USU campus. Bring your lunch. The same program is repeated in the evening: 7-8:30 p.m. at the Family Life Center , 493 North 700 East, Logan (at bottom of Old Main Hill). The longer evening time slot allows for more discussion. Programs are free and registration is not required. Bring a friend! For further information: (435) 797-1569;