Reduce credit card solicitations

To stop credit card solicitations (all that junk mail) call toll-free 1-888-567-8688 and ask to be taken off the list. Essentially this will block credit card issuers from accessing your credit bureau report to determine whether to send you a credit card solicitation. Another way to reduce the flow of phone and mail solicitations is to request your name be taken off the mail and phone lists of the members of the Direct Marketing Association.
Receive less national advertising mail: Send your name and home address to: DMA Mail Preference Service P.O. Box 9008 Farmingdale NY 11735-9008. Receive Fewer National Advertiser Phone Calls: send your name, home address, and home phone number to: DMA Telephone Preference Service P.O. Box 9014 Farmingdale NY 11735-9014
Restrict the Rental or Exchange of Your Name: Contact the companies with whom you wish to continue doing business. Ask them not to rent or exchange your name with other companies. Each time you contact a company to renew a subscription, membership, or order merchandise you can remind them that you do not want your name sold to other companies. (ditto for professional memberships)
In my most recent credit card statement there was an insert: "your privacy is important to us." after extolling the companies policies it indicated I could get my name off the lists that they sell and exchange (big business) by sending them a letter. I promptly wrote the letter!
Shred those credit card checks that encourage you to "use the enclosed checks to consolidate holiday bills." They are very costly financial trouble. Sometimes I'm tempted not to open what looks like junk mail (a strange green envelope this time) and just recycle it. Be careful about throwing away or recylcing junk mail; these checks could be used by someone else. Shred them!
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