Financial Planning for Women 2000 Schedule

During the year 2000 FPW used the eleven lesson on-line investment course "Investing For Your Future" . Lessons build throughout the year, starting with the basics of money management and debt reductionand proceeding to cover a wide range of investing and wealth accumulation strategies.
Click here for summaries of the "Investing for your Future" lessons.
January 12: Basic Building Blocks of Successful Financial Management
February 9: Investing Basics
March 8: Finding Money to Invest
April 12: Ownership Investments (Equity/stock Investing)
May 10: Fixed-Income Investing (bonds)
June 14: Mutual Funds Investing .
July 12: Tax-Deferred Investments (retirement accounts)
August 9: Dr. Barbara Rowe, USU Family Resource Management Specialist will teach a workshop on understanding IRAs and the rules for withdrawing your money during retirement.
September 13: Special guest: Fee-only Financial Planner Mary Flood (Bountiful, UT)
October 11: Stretching your Dollar
November 8: Selecting Your Team of Financial Professionals
December 13: How to Recognize and Avoid Investment Fraud
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