2002 Schedule

Jan 9 Estate Planning
February 13 Income taxes - Find out how the 2001 tax law affects your financial planning and tax strategies. Also discussing new supplemental tax credit for IRA contributions.
March 13 The Financial Checkup Workshop. Bring filled out forms from TFC to the workshop. Family Finance students will work with individuals to answer questions. $5 donation for scholarship fund suggested.
April 10 Money Market Funds - everyone needs one. Come to find out what they are and what are the benefits?
May 8 Last Chance Financial Planning for Baby Boomers. Are you behind in your retirement savings plan? This participatory workshop is for you.
June 12 Kids and Money: How to teach your children prudent money management skills
July 10 Long Term Care Issues. Dr. Barbara Rowe, Extension Family Resource Management Specialist will be speaking on Planning for long term care. Should you buy LTC insurance? What are the options?
August 14 Allocating your retirement plan contributions. Unsure if your selections are appropriate? Come to this workshop for advice on allocating contributions to your plan. Bring a description of your plan options.
September 11 Investing for College. Overview of tax saving strategies for investing for a child's or grandchild's education. Should you invest in Utah's Education Savings Plan (529) or a Coverdale Education Savings Plan (formerly called the education IRA?)
October 9 Investing on a Shoestring: How to find money to invest and get started today to take advantage of the time value of money. Based on workshop developed by Barbara O'Neil.
November 13 Simplifying life and surviving the holidays.
December No program. Relax and implement strategies form November's program.