2005 Schedule

Date Description
January 12, 2005 Allocating your Retirement Plan Contributions
February 9, 2005 Investing on a Shoestring
March 9, 2005 Investing for College
April 13, 2005 Getting Ready for Estate Planning
May 4, 2005 Mutual Funds for Your IRA
June 8, 2005 Teaching children about money
July 13, 2004 Planning for Retirement Financial Planning for Retirement Workbook (Purdue Extension) http://www.ces.purdue.edu/extmedia/CFS/CFS-685-W.pdf
August 10, 2005 Voluntary Simplicity --- Marianne Christian
September 14, 2005 Start your own money club. A money club is not an investment club; it is a support group to help members manage their money more wisely or achieve specific goals
October 12, 2005 Utah Saves & the $500 Savings Challenge: Preparing Women for a Rainy Day. Presenter: Ann House
November 9, 2005 Answers to Your Homeowners Insurance Questions. Learn about earthquake and flood insurance
December 2005 No Meeting