Regional Tectonics at USU


Contact information

Susanne Janecke

Department of Geology

4505 Old Main Hill

Utah State University

Logan, UT



professor of geology

Research Interests: Rocks, faults, folds, basins, earthquakes, Lake Bonneville, Bear River diversion

Personal interests: my family, painting, gardening, photography of interesting shapes and colors,  skiing downhill, hiking

Education-I am a product of these three great state universities

University of Michigan

University of Arizona

University of Utah

Students working with me do field-based studies of complex problems and use a variety of methods

Research Topics

Active strike slip faults: Check out some talks about this topic posted on the web.

Basins: Janecke, 1994;

Dorsey et al, 2006

Kirby et al., 2007;Lutz et al., 2006;

Janecke et al., 1999

and lots of others.

Extensional folds:

See Janecke et al.. 1998 about this and Janecke et al. 2005

History of the Bonneville flood and deltas of the Bear River in Cache Valley

Watch for upcoming an paper on this or check out Janecke and Oaks talk at GSA October 2007.

Rates of active deformation



FAX 435-797-1588

main office


Department of GEOLOGY

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This giant fold formed beneath a subaqueous megabreccia deposit, Salton Trough

USU Salton field trip

Photos from places near

Logan, UT

our garden

Delta in Great Salt Lake

Logan Canyon

Southern Utah

Uinta Mountains

Bloomington Lake in the Bear River Range

Great Salt Lake and spiral jetty

Field workTHEN and NOW


On the way to High Creek lake in the Bear River Range

Logan, UT from the side of the campus

Utah State Geology Department has a strong tradition of field work. My personal research is grounded in detailed field mapping and analysis.

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Bannock Detachment fault between light rocks above and conifer-covers slopes below

Image by Alex Steely of pediments in Peninsular Ranges, CA USA