Structure and Tectonics at the Department of Geology

Utah State University


Unique aspects of our program

We are especially strong in tectonics (4 faculty) and sedimentology (4 faculty).

We have superb access to a wide range of field sites to illustrate and study the following phenomena;

Basin and Range extension

Metamorphic core complexes

Yellowstone hotspot and Eastern Snake River Plain

Sevier fold-and-thrust belt

Wasatch fault

Wasatch culmination

Rocky Mountain foreland province

stratigraphic, structural geomorphic, Quaternary, Neoproterozoic Uinta Mountain Group,

Paleozoic miogeocline

Colorado Plateau

Grand Canyon and Colorado River

Wyoming, Yavapai, Mazaztlan

Challis, Absaroka, and Marysvale and San Juan volcanic fields

Our department emphasizes field work and ALL our faculty do field work.

Locations of field studies include:

North American plate boundary in southern and central California

Grand Canyon

Colorado Plateau

Montana, Utah and Idaho Basin and Range province

Eastern and western Snake River Plain

Coast Ranges of California

Foothills of the Sierra Nevada

Uinta Mountains

Rio Grande Rift

Guerrero, Mexico

Sevier Desert region

Bear River Range, northern Utah and southern Idaho

Cache Valley, Utah and Idaho

Pediments, southern Cache Valley


ramp and flats in strike-slip faults, San Jacinto fault zone

Trench with folded and back-tilted landslide deposits near the East Cache fault

Southern Utah, faults and scenery



Salton Trough

Great Salt Lake

Geology Building

Tectonics field trip