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W. David Liddell


Department of Geology
Utah State University
Logan, Utah 84322-4505


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Meet my namesake – Zacanthoides liddelli.  See “Prehistoric Aggie” link for more details


I am a Professor of Geology at Utah State University. My research interests include sedimentology, paleoecology and marine ecology. To access current course information, or to learn more about me, my research or the Geology Department at Utah State University, please utilize the above links.  PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT CURRENTLY SEEKING NEW GRADUATE STUDENTS FOR THE 2017-2018 ACADEMIC YEAR.



Cold-water diving in northern Utah - A

far cry from my work in Jamaica,

Mexico and the Bahamas.

Nekton Gamma - One of many

submersibles I have used to access

the deep reef.

Stalked crinoid (living fossil) at 200m, Bahamas


Middle Cambrian Wheeler And Pierson Cove Formations in the Drum Mountains of Western Utah

(Note excellent exposures of shaley facies. This is a great location to conduct detailed sequence

stratigraphic studies - refer to Brett et al. 2009 for more information.)





Background image is of modern carbonate terraces deposited by the CO2-charged Crystal Geyser located on the Green River, Utah.                                                                                     




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