USU Geomorphology

Process Geomorphology research at USU includes study of climate, tectonic, and human-caused changes to rivers and hillslopes, as well as reconstructing the history of entire landscapes. Timescales of interest have ranged from single flood events to records of erosion and sedimentation over millions of years, and research ranges from field-based to involving remote sensing and numerical modeling. Our focus has been on the U.S. Interior West, but more recent work has included Olympic Mountain NP and New Zealand. Scroll down to read about faculty research interests and past projects that students at USU have been involved with.

Field tripping by boat near Professor Valley, Utah


Harriet Cornachione, 2019, Geomorphology and geochronology of the Kanab Dune field, southern Utah

Alex Short, 2018, Mapping and dating Pleistocene deposits in the Grand Staircase region of southern Utah

James Mauch, 2017, Spanish Valley salt tectonics

Kerry Riley, 2017, Arroyo cut and fill record of Johnson Wash and erosion rates from the Grand Staircase, southern Utah



Daphnee Tuzlak, Investigating Patterns of Fluvial Form and Incision Near the Yellowstone Hotspot Alpine Canyon of the Snake River, Wyoming


Carlie Ideker, A Light in the Dark: Luminescence Dating Intermountain Ware Ceramics from Four Archaeological Sites in Northwestern Wyoming








Randy Goetz, A post-project assessment of the Provo River restoration project: Channel design, reconfiguration, and the reestablishment of critical physical processes


Jason Alexander, Riparian sedimentation on the Green River, Dinosaur National Monument

Scott Cragun, Pleistocene terraces and incision of the Colorado River at Lees Ferry, Arizona

Ben DeJong, Transient sedimentation of Pleistocene terrace gravel in eastern Grand Canyon

Jonathan Felis, Cliff retreat and climate change on the northern Colorado Plateau

Kevin Hadder, Quaternary stratigraphy and geochronology of Browns Park, Utah and Colorado

Nick Nelson, Channel changes below Jackson Lake Dam on the Snake River, Teton National Park

Karen Williams, Predicting channel network changes resulting from wildfires in Glacier National Park

Jay Zarnetske, Hyporheic zones of arctic rivers and climate change


Rob Mackley, Bedrock-strength controls on the long profile of the Colorado River


Ron Counts, Late Cenozoic stratigraphy of the northeastern Uinta Mountains

Greg Larsen, Effects of Tamarisk removal along the Green River and Yampa River Canyons


Dave Gaeuman, Fluvial geomorphology and bedload transport of the lower Duschene River, Uinta Basin

Isaac Larsen, Debris flows, fire, and debris-fan reworking in Dinosaur National Monument

Paul Petersen, Gully erosion of archeological sites in Grand Canyon

Erkan Istanbulluoglu, Quantification of stream sediment inputs from steep forested mountains

Matt Anders, Quaternary landscape evolution of eastern Grand Canyon


Carrie Elliott, Debris fans and geomorphology of Desolation and Gray canyons, Utah


Betty Paepke, Channel geomorphology in a glaciated basin on the north slope of the Uinta Mountains

Hoda Sondossi, Sandbar behavior in response to Glen Canyon Dam, Grand Canyon National Park