Thank you for visting the Utah State University Luminescence Laboratory homepage! We have been up and running since January 2007. We currently have two RISO TL/OSL Readers and one with a single-grain attachment.

We specialize in the analysis of the optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) signals from quartz sand grains in geomorphological and geoarchaeological applications. We are also equipped to measure Infrared Stimulated Luminescence (IRSL) on potassium feldpsar. Please explore the 'Projects' and 'Publications' pages for examples of internal and external projects that the Lab has been involved with.


Please visit our How To Collect page for our guidelines and requirements on sample collection.


Join us Tuesday October 24, 2017 9 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. in Halls 4EF for P4. Speed Dating!: Advice on Sampling and Applications Through the Lens of the Geochronologist (Booths, Lightning Talks, Posters).
Convenors: Tammy Rittenour; Michelle Summa Nelson; Shannon A. Mahan


Short course: Dr. Tammy Rittenour runs a two-week OSL training course for students and professionals, starting around Memorial Day. Click on 'Summer short course' in the menu to the left for more information.


Tammy Rittenour and Kerry Riley organized a successful 2016 Rocky Mountain Friends of the Pleistocene field trip to southern Utah in mid-October. Please visit our 2016 RM FOP Field Trip page for details from the trip.

Group photo at Upper Kanab Creek


Links to our abstracts for talks and posters at GSA 2015 in Baltimore, MD.


Kirk Townsend* and Tammy Rittenour, Episodic arroyo entrenchment and aggradation in Kanab Creek, Southern Utah

Tammy Rittenour* et al., Single-grain OSL chronology of ice retreat and stages of Glacial Lake Benson, west-central Minnesota, USA

Kerry Riley* and Tammy Rittenour, Mid-late Holocene arroyo cut-fill dynamics: Hydro-climate and complex inter-basin response


214-3: Kerry Riley* and Tammy Rittenour, Erosion rates influence arroyo cut-fill dynamics in semi-arid catchments draining the Grand Staircase region of Colorado Plateau

312-3 : Michelle Nelson* and Tammy Rittenour, Best practices for collection of luminescence samples and estimating water content for dose-rate determination: Why sample selection, collection technique and water content matters

312-6: Tammy Rittenour* et al., How old are the SP and Strawberry volcanic vents and flows in the San Francisco Volcanic Field, Arizona? New evidence from soils, OSL dated loess and He-3 exposure dating


Thank you to everyone who made the 2013 9th NWLDW in Logan a great success!

See the conference proceedings in Quaternary International.

9th New World Luminescence Dating Workshop attendees outside of the USU Geology Building.


Above Horseshoe Canyon, UT -- the location of USU research regarding the relationship of its alluvial stratigraphy and characteristic "Barrier Canyon" rock art.