Please contact us if you are interested in collaborations involving Luminescence analyses. We are not a contract lab, so prior contact is essential before sending samples.

Before collecting OSL samples, please read and follow the guides below.

Guide to OSL Sample Collection (pdf)

OSL Sampling Do's and Don'ts Guide (pdf)

Nelson et al. 2015 User Guide for Luminescence Sampling (pdf)

A sample submittal form should accompany each sample submitted to our lab.

Each sample should contain the following information:
- Unique sample ID (avoid using OSL-1, OSL-2, ect)
- Depth below original geomorphic surface (in meters)
- Latitude and longitude (in decimal degrees, i.e. 47.4567, -112.1234)
- Estimated age and/or other age control
- Estimation of moisture content
- Stratigraphic relationships to other samples or other geochronology
- Photos, site desriptions, stratigraphic logs

Download the Sample submittal sheet (pdf) or Sample submittal sheet (word doc) to be submitted with samples.

For high volume projects (n>5) download and submit the Excel sample sheet (.xlsx)

Please inform the lab of your anaylsis requested.
We offer small-aliquot quartz OSL; single-grain quartz OSL; small-aliquot feldspar IRSL.
Note that rush analysis is available at 2x standard rate/sample.

Send samples to:
USU Luminescence Lab
1770 North Research Parkway, Suite 123
North Logan, UT 84341

All samples should be labeled 'Light-sensitive mineral samples for geologic analysis. All material will be consumed in analysis. No monetary value'.

Email tracking number to Tammy or Michelle.

We now accept credit card payment for analyses through PayPal. A 2% transaction fee will be applied to all PayPal payments.