Stable Isotope Laboratory


Welcome to the Utah State University Stable Isotope Lab (USUSIL) located in the Department of Geology!

Lab PI: Dennis Newell (

Instrument Manager: Andrew Lonero (

Picarro Cavity Ringdown Isotopic CO2 Analyzer

  1. - Continuous analyses of concentration and carbon stable isotope ratios in CO2 gas

  2. - Field deployable

Analytical Services Available:

Natural abundance stable isotope analysis of:

  1. -O and C in carbonates

  2. -C in DIC, CO2 gas

  3. -O and H in water

  4. -C, N, TOC, TON of organic matter (soil, shales, compounds)

* Please contact Dennis Newell ( or Andrew Lonero ( for further information about submitting samples.

Current analytical rates (June 2016):

Instrumentation includes:

Thermo Delta V Advantage IRMS

  1. - GasBench II with GC PAL auto-sampler

  2. - ConFlo IV

  3. - Costech 4010 Elemental Analyzer

  4. - Analyses of C, O, H, and N stable isotopes in water, carbonates, organic matter, and gas