My research and teaching interests are in geomorphology 
and landscape evolution. I apply
fieldwork, geochronology, 
and terrain metrics to 
investigate landscape responses to 
tectonics and climate change and
to decipher the landscape 
evolution of the Interior West.

I am originally from rural Minnesota, made a pilgrimage 
to the Southwest for graduate study, and then lucked out
and got a job here at Utah State.  I am married to 
Carol Dehler, also a professor here in Geology, and we have 
a son, Zane. 




Topics of my current research:

from muley point

Landscape Evolution of the Colorado Plateau

What explains the patterns of erosion across the plateau?

Is the landscape eroding in dynamic equilibrium, or are their transient features?

What are the rates and controls of cliff retreat?
What have been the landscape's responses to Quaternary climate change?

  Alluvial Stratigraphy in the Interior West

    How do river terraces form 

    and do they correlate across the region?

Can the roles of climate change versus tectonic/baselevel controls be deciphered in landscapes?

tsegi wash

  Geoarchaeology of the Colorado Plateau

  What is the Holocene stratigraphy of the Colorado River?

Can OSL be used to date rock falls and rock art?

Some Publications:

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courses I teach:

GEO 1110 - Physical Geology  go to course web page

GEOL 6120/7120 - Advanced (Tectonic) Geomorphology

graduate student opportunities:

HEY!  I usually need grad students to come to Utah, hike, raft and ski, and work on projects in the beautiful Southwest!  EMAIL ME!

Most projects include fieldwork, OSL geochronology, and GIS terrain analysis. The facilities and collaborators here at USU for geomorphic studies are awesome.  
Check out our Luminescence Laboratory and the Watershed Department.

potential graduate research themes:

1) Strategies for increasing engagment and diversity in geoscience education

2) Rates, processes and climate controls on escarpment retreat

3) Using river terraces and topopgraphy to quantify incision and active deformation


rob mackley doing fieldwork

past grad students--where are they?

    Matt Anders, '03 - Idaho Dept. of Water Resources
    Paul Petersen, '03 - GIS consultant, Ft. Collins, CO
    Isaac Larsen, '03 - PhD U. Wash., geology professor at U Mass
    Ron Counts, '05 - PhD Univ. of Cincinnati, now USGS
    Rob Mackley, '05 - Pacific Northwest National Lab
    Scott Cragun, '07 - Doc. Osteopathy, Radiology
    Ben DeJong, '07 - PhD U. Vermont, consulting geologist, Montpelier, VT

    Jonathan Harvey, '09 - PhD UCSB, professor at Ft. Lewis College, Durango
    Erin Tainer, '09 - Geophysicist at Chevron

    Chris Tressler, '10 - Natural Channel Designs Inc., Flagstaff
    Andy Jochems, '13 - New Mexico Bur. of Mines & Min. Res.
    Faye Geiger, '14 - Geologist at Anadarko
    Natalie Bursztyn, '15 - Geology professor at Cal State Fullerton
    Daphnee Tuzlak, '17 - Geomorphologist at BGC Engineering, Vancouver