Petrology, geochemistry & volcanology


The Department of Geology at Utah State University has a small but active program that encompasses igneous and metamorphic petrology, high-temperature geochemistry, and volcanology. The main focus is on the origin and evolution of mafic magmatic systems, including their source regions in the upper mantle and their relationships to tectonic settings.

Students wishing to pursue research in these areas should have a good background in chemistry and physics, as well as the fundamentals of geology. Most projects are field-based in part, with a significant lab component.


Petrology, Geochemistry & volcanology

Clockwise from left: Large blueschist block in Tiburon serpentinite melange, California; ropey pahoehoe surface on Snake River Plain basalt, Idaho; resorbed garnet porphyroblasts in high grade amphibolite gneiss, Wasatch Range, Utah; melt filled tension fracture in high-grade gneiss, Wasatch Range Utah.