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Department of Geology
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Where Are We Working? 

1. Snake River Plain, Southern Idaho

2. Coast Range Ophiolite, California

3. Fore-arc Peridotites: Subduction Factory

4. Archean terranes in Wasatch Mtns

5. Carolina Arc terrane, South Carolina

6. Kohistan Arc terrane, Pakistan

7. Mantle Petrology

8. The Moon

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Current and Past Research Projects in Igneous Petrology

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X-Ray Fluorescence Laboratory

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Idaho Volcanics Pictures

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Birth, Death, and Resurrection: the Life Cycle of Suprasubduction Zone Ophiolites (2001)

Radiometric and Biostratigraphic Ages of the Coast Range Ophiolite (2005)

Stonyford Volcanic Complex, Coast Range Ophiolite (2005)

Multi-stage Origin of the Coast Range Ophiolite (2004)

Petrology of the Western Highland Province: Ancient Crust Formation at the Apollo 14 Site (1999)

Evolution of Lithospheric Mantle, Balmuccia, Italy (1999)

Eclogites and related rocks from southern Africa (1988)

Geochemical Evidence for the Tectonic Setting of the Coast Range ophiolite (1985)

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