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Sent by: Earl Torbensen

Graduation year: 1965

Memories: In the early 1960s, I was chosen by Dr. Max Dalby and Dr. Alvin Wardle to be the drum major of the marching band at Utah State University. My most vivid memory was Saturday afternoons lining up with the band in the south tunnel at Old Romney Stadium. After the football teams had warmed up and gone to the locker rooms, I was given a signal to start the pre-game show. At the given time, I gave the signal to begin. An incredible roar from the drum section came out of the tunnel into the stadium as I led approximately 150 of the finest musicians and Aggiettes on the west coast out of the tunnel and onto the field to the cheers of a sold-out stadium. Just thinking about it still gives me goose bumps and raises the gray hair on the back of this old neck.

Sent by: Erin Wadsworth-Anderson

Graduation year: 2008

Memories: I came to Utah State a little apprehensive about myself. I had never imagined the experiences in self-discovery waiting for me. My greatest memories were made while living on campus -- from my freshman year in Merrill Hall 310 to years of marriage in Aggie Village. I met my husband right here in my residence hall. I have gained life-long friends and endless memories. I entered the world after graduation with not only a bachelor's degree, but an extensive knowledge of myself. There is nothing like this campus experience, it's something to cherish.