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Student Health Services

Student Health Insurance Plan

Utah State University offers an insurance policy through First Student . The plan is underwritten by The UnitedHealthcare Insurance company.

An insurance brochure is available at www.firststudent.com. You can contact the company directly, toll free at 1-800-505-4160. If you have additional questions, you can also contact Katelyn Richins at the Student Health & Wellness Center, 797-3505 or email to ship@usu.edu.

If you were covered last Summer and have paid premiums for Fall Semester by the enrollment deadline, existing covered conditions will roll over with continuous coverage. Brochures, including applications and Insurance/RX (prescription) cards are available at the Student Health and Wellness Center, 850 East 1200 North.


All insured students should use the Student Health Center first, before going to a physician elsewhere (off campus). You will usually save a great deal of money by using the Student Health Center as your first stop for illness or injury.

However, if you have an emergency and/or the Student Health Center is closed, please go to Logan Regional Hospital Clinic or Emergency Room located at 500 E. 1300 N or the Emergency Room at Cache Valley Hospital at 2380 North 400 East in North Logan.

The Insurance plan has a deductible for use of the hospitals or off-campus clinics. You will be required to pay a co-pay (co-pay amount depends on the type of services received off campus, i.e. Office visits $ 30.00 co -pay, Emergency Room visits $250.00 co-pay, etc.) PLUS 30% of the balance for services received downtown off campus..

Prescriptions rendered "medically necessary" will require a $15.00 co-pay for generic medications and a $30.00 co-pay for name brand medications.

This health plan will not become ACA compatable untlil our next contract year, so no Pre-existing condition will be covered until you have been continuously insured by the plan for twelve months. A pre-existing condition is defined as any accidental injury or sickness for which you have received medical treatment, services, medication, or advice, or which was diagnosed in the twelve months preceding the effective date of your coverage. Routine dental, optical and elective procedures such as "check-ups" are not covered. Please note "exclusions" in the brochure.

Student Health Services has a gynecological service for annual exams. (This includes routine physical and pap smear). Covered benefits include care provided by hospitals, specialists, ambulance, prescription, maternity, surgery and other medically necessary care downtown (off campus) as defined in the brochure.