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Graduate Student Insurance

This is the planned method and timeline for the subsidized insurance program this fall.

  1. Electronic Paperwork (EPAF) for qualifying assistantship or fellowship (notify Financial Aid office) is completed by the department (Deadline: August 20th)
    • If there are mitigating circumstances that are preventing the department from completing this paperwork, the department should alert Noell Hansen in Student Health and Wellness Center with the Student's Name, A#, Birth Date, Email Address, EPAF Begin/End Date, Account Code, and FTE. If a qualifying through a $10,000 or more fellowship/scholarship, the department should email the Student's Name, A#, Birth Date, Email Address, Funding Begin/End Date, and funding amount.
  2. Noell Hansen will assess the student premium of $237 and remove any international insurance fees (Approximate Deadline: August 24th-August 28th)
  3. If you are entitled to a waiver, but must pay the premium in order to obtain your classes, you WILL receive a full refund of the waived amount and only pay the lower (subsidized) premium.
  4. Students who have enrolled on the website by or before September 16th will be enrolled in the insurance program with an effective date as of August 20th and the insurance company will mail them a packet and permanent insurance card.
  5. Students who have waived through the website by September 5th should have their student premium removed from their account and will be added to the "approved hard waiver list" that will be sent to every department on a weekly basis. The department will be responsible to double check this list to see if any of their students are on it so that they can revise the account code on the EPAF to 617200 by Sept 21st.

Please visit http://www.firststudent.com/html/utahstate_061609.htm