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Ankle Rehabilitation

Range of Motion

1. Hold an ice pack to your ankle for 20 minutes. Then trace the alphabet with your big toe while hanging your foot over the edge of a couch or a table.


2. Begin these strength exercises after you regain a normal range of motion. Use a loop of elastic Theraband or a bicycle inner tube 3 feet long. Do 20 repetitions of each exercise twice a day.

3. Hold one end of the theraband and loop the other end around the ball of your foot. While pulling on the band, push against the band with your foot. Hold to a count of three.

4. Loop the band around your forefoot and around a secure object off to the side. Sitting down, and keeping your heel on the floor, swing your forefoot inward and hold 3 counts.

5. Starting from the same position as the previous exercise but with the band in the opposite direction, swing your forefoot outward and hold for three counts.

When you can do exercises 2 through 5 easily and without pain, double the elastic band (make 2 loops) and do 10 repetitions of the same exercises twice a day.

6. Place the balls of your feet on a step and rise and stand on your toes. Do this with your feet pointing straight ahead, then inward and then outward. Repeat 10 times in each position. Later, try this standing on one foot.


Raise your uninjured foot and stand on the injured foot for 2 minutes. Do this five times a day. Later, do this with your eyes closed. When you can walk without pain or a limp, go on to jogging straight ahead on a smooth surface, and finally to zigzag running.


Physical therapy is available at the Student Health and Wellness Center. Call the therapist at 797-8074 or come see us here.