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Healthy Relationships

In a Healthy Relationship You...

Have fun and grow together
"It brings us both happiness"
"There is room for positive growth and you learn more about each other as you develop and mature."

Feel like you can be yourself
"I can show my faults and have my partner's faults shown to me and still have a sound relationship."
"We're comfortable. We have realistic expectations of each other and the relationship."

Maintain honesty, trust and good communication
"We listen to and respect each other's opinions, feelings, goals and decisions even if we don't always agree."
"I have to be able to trust the other person."

Build friendship and respect
"A healthy relationship is like a good friendship with an extra spark."
"The best part is the companionship and intimacy we have."

Handle conflict
"We talk it out and try to come up with a compromise."
"We try to avoid holding grudges and creating drama. We just get it out there in the open."

Have accountability, partnership and dedication
"You have to take responsibility for your self, your actions and your feelings."
"If the decision affects both of us, we make it together."

Share healthy sexuality
"I respect my partner's sexual boundaries. I don't try to get her to do things she's not comfortable with."
"We practice safer sex."