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The majority, if not all, of my most memorable college experiences have been because I've lived on campus. There's never a dull moment!

- Joslin F. (Junior, Snow Hall)

Mountain View Tower

Mountain View Tower
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This Residence Hall Includes:

The central location of Mountain View makes travelling to and from classes quick, convenient, and efficient. Living at Mountain View, which is our all-men residence hall, will put you near locations such as the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum where the Aggie basketball teams play, Romney Stadium where football take place, and the Kent Concert Hall and Fine Arts Building where numerous musical and drama productions are put on for USU students and the general public. Read More ▼

Residents of Mountain View Tower are required to have a minimum of 10 meals per week dining plan and there are multiple choices for dining options available at USU. The Junction, which is right next door, as well as the Marketplace located in the Taggart Student Center offer a variety of food choices from a Mongolian grill to Mexican cuisine. Home-style cooking, pasta, pizza, and salads are just a few things that are available every day.

Both shared and private rooms are available at Mountain View. Study rooms and community kitchenette is located on each floor for your convenience. Each floor has two bathrooms at opposite ends of the hall which are cleaned daily by Housing Facilities staff. Bathrooms are equipped with multiple sinks, private toilets and showers. Paper towels, hand-washing soap and toilet paper are regularly stocked so you don't have to buy your own.

Mountain View tower offers you the chance to create new friendships and build communities within these four walls. A lounge, containing foosball, pool tables, and a home theater with surround sound, located in the basement of Mountain View gives you many opportunities to take a break from homework to be social and mingle with new people. Becoming involved with the Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs) located in Mountain View can also create social opportunities for you.



  • 2 twin beds (36” x 80” mattresses)
  • 2 desks
  • 2 chairs
  • 2 bookshelves
  • 2 closets
  • 2 dressers

Each room has a wired Ethernet port for internet, cable TV connection, curtains or blinds, full-length mirror and wall-to-wall carpeting.


Each floor has two bathrooms at opposite ends of the hall, cleaned daily by University Housing Custodial. Bathrooms are equipped with multiple sinks, private toilets and showers. Paper towels, soap and toilet paper are regularly stocked.


High-efficiency, Energy Star® washers and dryers installed on campus clean effectively, help save time and are gentle on your clothes and the environment! High-efficiency, front loading machines hold more clothes and use less water than conventional laundry equipment.

For best washing results:

  • Use only 2 Tbsp. of concentrated HE detergent (it's specially formulated for these machines)
  • Choose a cold water setting to save energy
  • Wash only full loads

For best drying results:

  • Clean dryer filter before use

Meal Plans

Meals Per Week Price Per Semester Includes Cash
Guest Passes**
10 meals $1,330.00 Yes No
15 meals $1,690.00 Yes 2 Per Semester
20 meals $1,890.00 Yes 2 Per Semester

Meal plans can be used at either The Aggie Marketplace or The Junction.

*Cash equivalency allows the resident to use their meal plan once per day in any of our Cash Dining Operations for a cash equivalency of $6.50 per meal. Purchases in excess of $6.50 are to be paid by the resident at time of purchase
**Guest passes allow resident to purchase a meal for friends, family or other guests of the resident.

Room Rates Per Semester 2016-17

(Requires a meal plan of at least 10 meals per week)

  • Shared Room: $1,045.00
  • Private Room: $1,360.00
  • Large Private Room: $1,760.00

What To Bring

Make your "home away from home" with this basic list of essential items:

  • Bedding: Sheets, blankets, pillow, pillowcases, and bedspread. Mattresses are 36" x 80" which are longer than a regular twin.
  • Alarm clock
  • Stereo, radio
  • Computer
  • Towels and toiletries
  • Laundry basket
  • Television (each apt. has cable TV hook-up)
  • Wall decor, throw pillows, various decorative items as desired.

(Please do not use tape or other types of adhesive for wall décor and make sure that they can be easily removed. A suggestion for hanging posters, pictures, etc., is white Plastitack and Command Hooks from 3M for putting things on the walls.)

In addition to your personal belongings, you may want to bring the following. Since you need only one of many items, check ahead with your roommate(s) if possible to avoid duplication. You may even want to wait until you get to Logan and purchase items here after consulting each other. The following is a list of possibilities:

  • Small refrigerator
  • Microwave

Please Note: If you choose to bring a small refrigerator and/or microwave make sure that you get one with a long cord as the electrical outlets are inconveniently located and these appliances must be plugged directly into the wall outlet, not into an extension cord or power strip, as per the USU Fire Marshal.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

Bathroom and common areas are regularly cleaned by Housing Facilities staff. Residents are responsible for the regular upkeep of their rooms and should stock simple household cleaning supplies. Vacuum cleaners can be checked out for temporary use at the area office. Repairs and regular maintenance of residence halls is done by Housing Facilities staff. Residence may submit maintenance requests online at http://fixit.housing.usu.edu

Mailing Address

Address Format Example
8(APT #) Mountain View Tower
Logan, UT 84321
8213 Mountain View Tower
Logan, UT 84321