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I love being so close to my classes. That's not something you find off campus.

- Tyler C. (Sophomore, Living Learning Community)

Student Quotes

Single Housing

I love the convenience of being close to campus, the activities held for residents, and the wonderful people I get to interact with everyday while being a resident. Living on campus is like joining one huge family because each resident hall becomes friends and are connected. I have had so much fun living on campus and would recommend it to anyone.

Katelyn A.
Katelyn A. Sophomore Rich Hall 2 Years Living On-Campus

I love how I got to meet my entire floor just by having my door open. And, the Resident Assistants are awesome! They are super helpful and very kind!

Kelsey K.
Kelsey K. Freshman Richards Hall 1 Year Living On-Campus

Everything is so accessible living on campus. All my classes are just a short walk from my doorstep, and other resources are close by as well: the Student Center, practice rooms at the music building, the Fieldhouse, and so many other places. Living on campus makes it super easy to hang out with friends, too. All my best friends live in the Central Campus area, so it's super easy to gather up groups of people to go to football and basketball games or to get dinner or things like that.

Mark D.
Mark D. Freshman Richards Hall 1 Year Living On-Campus

I love how it's a tight community of friends. It's so easy to make new friends and feel at home. The programs are fun and a great way to socialize. I also love that we don't have to clean our bathrooms in the towers.

Jessi G.
Jessi G. Freshman Valley View Tower 1 Year Living On-Campus

I love living right in the middle of all the action on campus! It's a super commute to my classes and I'm always informed about the best school events.

Zachariah Y.
Zachariah Y. Sophomore Living Learning Community 2 Years Living On-Campus

USU Housing and Residence Life brings students together as a fun and successful community. The majority, if not all, of my most memorable college experiences have been because I've lived on campus. There is constantly something going on and a way to get involved. There's never a dull moment! Thanks to USU Housing for the amazing friends I've made and people I've met.

Joslin F.
Joslin F. Junior Snow Hall 2 Years Living On-Campus

I love how social everyone is in this community. Living on campus has also helped me know my way around campus fast. Having classes so close is super convenient as well! As someone who moved here from Michigan, making friends was super easy living in USU housing!

Madeline G.
Madeline G. Freshman Living Learning Community 1 Year Living On-Campus

The housing is in very nice shape and it's convenient. The buses come right to us and if there's any questions or concerns, there's always someone to help.

Germaine M.
Germaine M. Freshman Snow Hall 1 Year Living On-Campus

It's all about convenience! I'm so close to everything on campus. The maintenance guys are amazing too. They're so nice and really good at fixing things quickly. There are lots of events, so if I want to go do something, I can.

Jessica C.
Jessica C. Sophomore Merrill Hall 2 Years Living On-Campus

It is conveniently close to classes and there is a friendly atmosphere. The apartments are good-sized and the rooms are very nice. I like getting a lot of natural light from the large windows.

Robert J.
Robert J. Junior Merrill Hall 4 Years Living On-Campus

The housing is so close to my classes, so I can focus on my schoolwork!

Jackson R.
Jackson R. Sophomore Reeder Hall 2 Years Living On-Campus

I was looking into moving off campus this year. However, I realized that the pure convenience of being on campus cannot be matched.

Dave D.
Dave D. Senior Richards Hall 3 Years Living On-Campus

The thing I love most about living on campus is that you get to meet so many people! People come over and just hangout in your living room all the time! It's a great way to make friends!

Kayleigh N.
Kayleigh N. Freshman Richards Hall 1 Year Living On-Campus

Living on campus has encouraged and inspired me to be involved in leadership and Utah State activities.

Kaytlyn B.
Kaytlyn B. Sophomore Living Learning Community 2 Years Living On-Campus

The Residence Life staff are always willing to help out. Some of them even throw study parties. There's a fun activity going on every week - especially in Global Village. The Cultural Potluck is by far my favorite.

Emily B.
Emily B. Freshman Greaves Hall 1 Year Living On-Campus

I love the different cultures of people you'll find in USU housing. Also, the rooms have a lot of space to study, enjoy yourself and spend time with your roommates.

Nicolle R.
Nicolle R. Junior Richards Hall 3 Years Living On-Campus

I've made some of my very best friends living on campus at Utah State! I love the environment, the friendly atmosphere, and the location - it's nice to live so close to everything!

Morgan S.
Morgan S. Freshman Morgan Hall 1 Year Living On-Campus

Location, location, location. Where else is this convenient? Living on campus has those feelings of equality and comradery. I have lived on campus for several years and plan on returning again next year. South Campus is great!

Taylor P.
Taylor P. Junior Reeder Hall 3 Years Living On-Campus

I love how involved you are with everything because it all goes on right around you. Living on campus is much more convenient than I thought it would be. You know about all of the games and activities and really feel like you are a part of campus life.

Kenzie M.
Kenzie M. Sophomore Living Learning Community 2 Years Living On-Campus

Living on campus is so convenient! Everything I need is here. I don't have to worry about "bus jumping" to grab a forgotten assignment or book for class - I can just walk to my apartment. I feel like I go to more games and activities that I wouldn't go to otherwise. I feel more involved.

Tanya S.
Tanya S. Senior Merrill Hall 4 Years Living On-Campus

I love the accessibility I have to campus. It's also been really fun to get to know the people in my building and community. Living on campus as a first-year student has been great because I don't have to worry about electric or heating bills because they are all included in the rent.

Gretchen G.
Gretchen G. Freshman Davis Hall 1 Year Living On-Campus

Everything is in one bill, and if you're place has a problem, you put in a maintenance request and it's taken care of the same day.

Amanda R.
Amanda R. Freshman Morgan Hall 1 Year Living On-Campus

I have greatly appreciated the quietness of living on campus at Summit Hall. Plus, the proximity of the Student Living Center mini-gym is a bonus amenity, especially during any poor weather days.

Nancy B.
Nancy B. Senior Summit Hall 1 Year Living On-Campus

There are so many people and resources here to help you have a good experience. I have especially appreciated this because I'm a freshman, and didn't know what to expect living by myself for the first time.

Heidi W.
Heidi W. Freshman Valley View Tower 1 Year Living On-Campus

I love how close housing is to campus. At the Student Living Center, you get the feel as if you are off campus but you're still close enough to access everything you want or need. Plus, the bus stop is just outside. I also love the math tutoring in the Lundstrom - it's a great resource!

Brittany M.
Brittany M. Sophomore Rich Hall 1 Year Living On-Campus

Family Housing

"My husband and I live in Aggie Village and I am so, so glad we made that decision! It is super convenient to live so close to campus...it takes such little time to walk to campus and the Aggie Shuttle is an added bonus! Plus, the grounds and maintenance crew does a fabulous job keeping the area comfortable and safe for the students here. I have had great experiences getting involved with Residence Life through USU RHA. I've gotten to know my neighbors better, learned leadership skills, and had a lot of fun planning activities. For an unforgettable experience, on-campus housing is the way to go! "

Rebecca G.
Rebecca G. Graduate Aggie Village 1 Year Living On-Campus

"I love the opportunity to meet people in my current situation. I also like the fact that when anything needs to be fixed I can call maintenance and they will come in a timely manner and resolve the problem."

John A.
John A. Senior West Stadium Villa 3 Years Living On-Campus

"I enjoy the affordability of on-campus housing. I'm getting TV, Internet, water, sewage, and trash included in the cost of basic rent. I love having home so close to campus; it makes travel to and from class very convenient. I also really enjoy the facilities we get to use - fields, the community center - they make for a pretty nice backyard. The people who live here are great. I have been surprised with the diversity of our neighbors. We get to meet people from all over the world, and the sense of friendship and community is perfect."

Dallin G.
Dallin G. Graduate Aggie Village 1 Year Living On-Campus

"I love being surrounded by other couples that are students as well - people that I can relate to! And I love the price of rent and living on campus so classes are that much closer!"

Jennifer C.
Jennifer C. Junior Aggie Village 1 Year Living On-Campus

"The service here is top-notch. If something needs to be fixed or if there are any concerns, they are resolved VERY quickly. I like USU Housing because of all the activities offered and the fact that the university is concerned with improving the lives of its students. There is so much diversity here and it makes for a good global community. Students will be exposed to new cultures, languages, and people. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time living on campus."

Shane A.
Shane A. Graduate Aggie Village 3 Years Living On-Campus

"I absolutely love the close proximity to my classes. I always feel in the loop when it comes to knowing about events and fun activities. It is super convenient and thrifty to live on campus where I don't have to pay extra for great TV channels, high speed wireless Internet, and other amenities. "

Tyce S.
Tyce S. Senior Aggie Village 3 Years Living On-Campus

"I like all of the activities that are offered. I also like that I can get to know other married couples and know that while I am in class, there is someone who my wife can do crafts with and talk to."

Sean C.
Sean C. Junior Townhouses 1 Year Living On-Campus