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Affordable Care Act

ACA Full-time Insurance Announcement

USU has elected to delay offering medical coverage to ACA Fulltime employees until July 1, 2015. If any non-benefited employees wish to purchase medical coverage from the marketplace prior to July 1, 2015, please go to, or to They may also call (800) 318-2596 to speak with a trained navigator who can assist them with the health insurance marketplace. They can also purchase insurance through any private company licensed to sell health insurance.

To see the full announcement regarding the delay, click here.

New Terms

ACA Full-time Employee:  There is a “reasonable expectation,” at the start of employment, that the employee will be working full-time  (30+ hrs/week), even if only for a limited (>3 months) time. Employee eligible for ACA medical benefits immediately.

ACA Variable Employee:  A position with hours that fluctuate during employment. May go to 30+ hours/week at certain times. However, based on facts and circumstances at the beginning of employment, it cannot be determined that the employee is reasonably expected to work an average of 30+ hours/week.

Initial/Standard Measurement Period:  A 1-year period of time during which work hours are measured to determine potential future eligibility for access to ACA Medical Benefit coverage. Initial Measurement Period will begin on employee start date. Standard Measurement Period is May 1 – April 30. 

Standard Stability Period:  A 1-year period of time following the Initial/Standard Measurement Period where, if the employee became eligible for medical coverage during the Initial/Standard Measurement Period (averaged 30+ hrs/week for 12 months), the employee can be covered by ACA medical. Standard Stability Period is July 1 – June 30.


Affordable Care Act FAQs

ACA Full-time Employee Notice (for non-benefited employees expected to work 30+ hrs/week)

ACA Variable Employee Notice (for non-benefited employees expected to work less than 30 hrs/week)