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Note: Call 797-0216 if you have a new employee who needs to sign-up for benefits.


Medicare Part D Letter



Representatives from Utah Retirement Systems, TIAA-CREF and Fidelity come to USU to do individual counseling for retirement

*Utah Retirement Systems: Contact Brent Sonzini 1-800-365-8772

*TIAA-CREF: Contact Ryan Peterson 1-801-883-5115

*Fidelity : Contact Teo Ngatuvai 1-800-642-7131

Updated Financial Market Information from TIAA-CREF and Fidelity

With the nation's financial system experiencing significant changes, many employees are concerned about the impact of the changing markets on their retirement savings. Employees can take advantage of the frequently updated information that is provided on the following websites:

Utah Retirement Systems 


Medical Plan Status Changes

Status changes for medical insurance must be made within 30 days of the life changing event which includes:

  • *Birth
  • *Death
  • *Divorce - must have copy of divorce decree
  • *Marriage
  • *Termination of employment of spouse
  • *Change in percentage of time worked by spouse or employee

A representative from the Social Security Administration comes to Logan on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. They are located in the Work Force Services building, (180 North 100 West) in Logan. Walk in the entrance on the northwest side. The Social Security web site is

Address Change: On-line address changes made in the Banner system affect only mailings sent from the University. In order to change an address with Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Utah, TIAA-CREF or Utah Retirement Systems, obtain address change forms from Human Resources.

Please keep beneficiary information up-to-date on retirement and life insurance plans.

If enrolled in the medical/dental plan and are terminating from USU you have 60 days from date of qualifying event to enroll in COBRA. If you have questions, contact Kay Dasu 797-0366.


Tax-Deferred & Post-Tax Supplemental Retirement

These are retirement accounts where you can put money away on a pre-tax sheltered or post-tax basis towards your retirement. The amount you indicate that you want to contribute each month is automatically deducted from your paycheck once you have set it up. Companies who participate in the Roth 403b (post-tax retirement program) are: FIDELITY and TIAA-CREF. Companies who participate in the pre-tax supplemental retirement programs are: AIG-VALIC, EMIA Principal, Fidelity, Harold Dance Brokerage, TIAA-CREF and Utah Retirement Systems.

Money can be allocated to these accounts anytime during the calendar year. You can also make changes in the amount being saved at anytime throughout the year.

Links to the supplemental retirement account vendors:



Participants who apply for short-term disability must be enrolled in the program. To initiate a claim for short term disability, call The Hartford at 866-945-7801.



If injured on-the-job, seeking medical treatment is the first priority. Treatment should be sought at WorkMed, the preferred provider for any on-the-job injury. WorkMed is located at 412 N. 200 E.. You and/or your department need to fill out the First Report of Injury form. If you have questions, contact Kristie Larsen at 797-0197.