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The HURD is the Aggie Student Section. All students have access to any regular season home athletic event with their Student ID card. Upon entry into Romney Stadium or the Spectrum any student is a member of the HURD. We are loud and crazy and have been described by ESPN, NIKE, Ballin is a Habit, Fox Sports and many other national news outlets as one of the best student sections in the country. We are unified, creative, belligerent and down right insane.

Tailgates, Campouts, and other gameday events are put on by the HURD and anyone is welcome to come.

At Athletic events the HURD committee will designate a "Fan of the Game". These fans of the game will receive prizes for their dedication to USU Athletics.

The HURD also gets together to watch away game at the "Watch Parties". These events are held in the TSC International lounge and everyone is welcome.

For close rivalry game the HURD will be present in full force. Buses will be organized and used for transportation to the events if necessary.

The HURD also puts on many different activities with the athletes of Utah State University. From service events to night games.

To support the craziness The HURD Committee puts different HURD items up for sale. These items Include HURD shirts, Sweatshirts, Scarves, Stickers, bandanas and other random items. The money that is raised from the sale of these items goes toward creating the best atmosphere in collegiate athletics