Information about curriculum & teaching

Actvity Method Participants Information Collected Frequency Use
In-house review Discussion at curriculum meetings and annual retreat Faculty Views on strengths and weaknesses of curriculum; appropriateness of materials On-going Assess effectiveness and coherence of curriculum
Outside evaluation CEA accreditation reviews; UCIEP membership reviews Students and faculty Strengths and weaknesses of curriculum Accreditation reviews are every 5 years; updates annually To make necessary curricular changes
Self-evaluation of teaching Teaching portfolios; video; self-assessment; peer review of teaching Faculty Peer and self-assessment of individual teaching At least once a year for tenure-track faculty Improvement of teaching
Student evaluation of teaching USU teaching evaluation form All students; every teacher in every class Student perception of quality of class and instruction At the end of each term Teaching improvement; curricular change
Faculty performance appraisal USU annual faculty performance review procedure All faculty Student evaluation of instruction; faculty self-evaluation of teaching Performance evaluation annually; student evaluation of teaching at the end of each term Teaching improvement