Intensive English Language Institute

Data-Based Decisions

  • In response to the results of the Spring 2005 writing assessment, Faculty decided to add a module to the level 4 writing course that focuses specifically on finding on-line sources and determining their credibility.
  • IELI has added questions to the Semester Exit Survey that not only request that student evaluate their IELI experience, but their satisfaction with USU student services.
  • IELI decided to review annually the goals and objectives of courses.
  • IELI decided to assess its assessment practices annually.
  • At the Spring 2009 writing assessment, we decided to delete some of the criteria from the assessment rubric and separate others, such as "in-text citations" from "reference lists." We decided to add to the form some reference to the use of grammar and the correct use of others' ideas to support arguments. In addition, we decided to align the criteria more closely with the course goals and objectives.
  • In the February 2009 assessment meeting, IELI faculty agreed that we would assess two skills every other year.  Data collection will be done in all terms the previous year to the assessment.  In 2009-10, data from Reading and Writing will be collected for assessment in 2010-11. In 2010-11, data from Academic Discourse and Listening will be collected for assessment in 2011-12. In 2011-12, data from Reading and Writing will be collected, and so on.  Faculty are to submit their data to the Assistant Director and Director for storage until the assessment meetings.