Transcript Analysis

Following are the results of an analysis of the transcripts of all students who completed IELI Fall 97 through Fall 99. Transcripts were analyzed through Spring 2000.


The analysis was conducted to determine (1) student retention and (2) academic success in terms of GPA that students have in USU classes after they complete the IELI program.


The total number of students who entered the program during the period of the study was 226. Of these, 192 were regular IELI students. The remaining were exchange students. Of the regular students, 15% went home or to another school after successfully completing IELI. Sixty-one percent went on to take other classes at USU, and 24% did not complete IELI. (Please note that IELI lost many Thai, Korean, and Indonesian students to the Asian economic crisis, which occurred during the period of this study).

When exchange students are included, the percentages are 67% (entered other university classes), 80% (completed IELI and either entered other university classes or went home), and 20% did not complete IELI. IELI’s "success rate," or program completion rate, for this period was 80%. About 16% of the students who took other USU classes did not complete three terms after IELI and went home or elsewhere. Most of these students left USU during the Asian economic crisis. To put the data into perspective, USU's retention rate (percent of Freshmen who enter one fall and return the next) is 66.1%. The 16% dropout rate of IELI students in USU classes is low–in spite of losses due to the Asian economic crisis.

Academic Success (GPA)

Overall, IELI students maintained B to B- averages in classes they took after completing IELI. The average GPA of regular students was 2.78; for exchange students the average was 2.96. (In another study, completed spring 2001, graduate students were found to maintain an average GPA of 3.6 after leaving IELI.)