Transcript Analysis

Following are the results of an analysis of the transcripts of all students who began IELI Summer 2001 through Spring 2002. This analysis provides GPA and retention data IELI faculty need to make decisions regarding the overall ability of IELI and USU to provide an academic experience that students value.

Program Completion

Seventy-one students entered IELI during the period of the study. Of these , 81.6% went on to complete the IELI program. Thirteen students dropped out or transferred during their first or second semester in IELI program.

USU Entry and Retention

Of the remaining 58 students, 52 students (89.6%) began Utah State classes after completing IELI, and six went to other universities or returned home. (Note while most students in IELI intend to get a degree at Utah State, some come to improve their English for professional reason or to study English in preparation for study at another university or college. Others come as exchange students.)

Of the 53 students who began Utah State classes, six dropped out after completing their first semester. The GPAs these students had when they dropped out ranged from 2.2 to 3.85.

At the end of the study, 47 (88.6%) of the 53 students (88.6%) who began USU classes after completing IELI were continuing their studies at Utah State University.>