Transcript Analysis

The Intensive English Language Institute (IELI) conducted the following assessment by analyzing the transcripts of former IELI students through Summer Semester 2004 (The most current semester where data is available). The following are the results of an analysis of the transcripts of IELI students who began the program between Fall Semester 1999 and Summer Semester 2004 and exited IELI between Summer Semester 2003 and Summer Semester 2004. This study provides the GPA and retention data that IELI faculty need to make decisions regarding the effectiveness of curriculum. It also helps faculty make judgments regarding the overall ability of IELI and Utah State University to provide an academic experience that students will value.

Program Completion

Seventy students entered IELI during the period of the study. Of these students, 62 (88.5%) went on to complete the IELI program. Eight students (11.5%) left the program during their first or second semester of study.

USU Entry and Retention

Of the remaining 62 students, 47 students (75.8%) began attending Utah State University classes after completing the IELI program. Fifteen (24.2%) left USU, choosing to attend other universities or return home. Three of these students, however, returned to Utah State University during Fall Semester 2005 and Spring Semester 2006 to begin their university studies.

(Note: When interpreting the data in this report, it is important to keep in mind that while most students in IELI intend to get a degree at USU, some attend IELI courses to improve their English for personal or professional reasons or to study English in preparation to study at another university or college. Others come to USU for a short period of time as exchange students. The data reflect the various goals students have.)

Of the 47 students who began attending Utah State University classes, ten (21.2%) did not complete three semesters of university study. Seven of these students left the university after completing only one semester; three left after attending two semesters. These ten students possessed GPAs ranging from 2.0 to 3.91.

At the end of the study, 37 (78.7%) of the 47 students who began attending USU classes after completing IELI, were continuing in their studies at Utah State University. After three semesters at USU, these 37 students exhibited GPAs ranging from .66 to 3.99 with an average GPA of 2.92.

The last update was February 2006. The next study will follow students who completed IELI Fall Semester 2004 through Summer Semester 2005.