IELI Student Association

Changes To My Life in Logan

Written by Jihyun Park from Korea when in IELI level 3

Before I came here, my life was full of failure in everything. Actually, before I came to USU I quit the art painting university. When I started the art study, my goal was to do drawing well. I wanted more drawing skills, but over time my goals changed. That goal was admission to an Art University. In Korea, after graduating from high school, entering the university is the most common situation. I was entering the Art University, but I didn’t fit in the University. That reason is I didn’t put effort in to everything. I was through with my goal, but I didn’t achieve it. I had never separated from my family before, I was so lonely, and I didn’t study hard for the art painting major. I just sat in my room, didn’t meet friends, and didn’t study hard.

In Korea, I had never been abroad to other regions. After studying in Logan, my life experienced a big change. When I came here spring semester 2004, I saw the foreigner and I didn’t speak English. I didn’t even know what to do to order a hamburger. Actually, I can’t speak English very well now, but it is better than the first time in Logan. I have met international people (Japanese, Chinese, Columbian, Taiwanese, etc.) here. They gave me different cultural customs and friendship. Also, many Korean people study in Logan and they are all older than me. Before I never met older people except my family, so I am really surprised. After I came to Logan, I can visit Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, etc. I really like traveling in the USA. I have a chance to go to most states in the USA and my life changes in Logan. I think this is the biggest event in my life, so I really like Logan.