IELI Student Association

Buildings at USU

Written by Junkyo Lee from Korea when in IELI level 2

I want to introduce you to USU buildings. I came to USU 3 months ago, but I haven’t visited all the buildings. We Intensive English Language Institute Students learn English in USU's core, Old Main. Old Main has four floors and is the oldest building at USU. Then USU has two libraries. Their names are Sci-Tec Library and Merrill Library. They each hold special books. The HPER is a sports center. It has basketball, volleyball, swimming, racquetball, weight training, etc. It has many sports to enjoy, so many students use that place.

Next, my major is art, so, I visited Fine Arts building one time. It has a pavilion, a public performance place, and a student workroom. It is interesting to me. When I finish IELI, I want to study at the Art building. Another famous building is Taggart student center in USU. TSC has three floors. On one floor, there is fast food store. I think that double-grill burger and spaghetti are the most delicious foods in TSC. There is a bookstore, a post office, a bank, a gift shop which sells USU clothes, and a barber shop. I've never used the barber shop but most of students usually stop by there. There is a board where you post things to sell or buy. Lastly, there is a coffee shop on the first floor. It is really good, so, students like to sit in front of the coffee shop and enjoy themselves.