IELI Student Association

Seasons and Activities in Logan

Written by Ju Oek Shin from Korea when in IELI level 2

Logan is very beautiful during all seasons and has good weather for many sports activities.

The winter has a lot of snow. Snow is very famous in Utah and the quality is good for winter sports, so you can enjoy many winter activities. Many mountains are near USU. Therefore, you can go skiing and snowboarding anytime. It snows a lot, but it is not colder than my country, Korea.

The summer is hot and the sun shines everyday in Logan. A lake is near USU, so you can enjoy water sports. For example, water skiing, swimming, etc. In addition, you can enjoy fishing. The lake has many fish. You can enjoy summer sports on the grass. For example, tennis, football, etc. Utah has mountains. These mountains are a good place for camping and hiking. Utah has many famous national parks, too. The summer is good for traveling to beautiful parks.

Spring and fall (or autumn) are shorter than winter and summer. Spring and fall have good and beautiful weather, too. During spring and fall, you can enjoy both winter and summer activities according to the weather.

Logan has four seasons and all weather of the seasons is beautiful and suitable for many activities.