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Written by Paitoon Soponpitsu from Thailand when in IELI level 3

America has four different types of weather. You can see every kind of weather here. There are four seasons including Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. First, Summer is from June until August, and the hottest area is the southeast desert. During summer, the American people probably like to go to the beach or picnic. Second, Autumn or Fall is between September and November. It is good weather for traveling to New England because it is very beautiful there. Next, Winter is around December until February. Some areas have lot of snow, but some places don’t have any. This is the best time to go ski. Finally, Spring comes from March to May. It is very comfortable and suitable to traveling.

In Logan, all four seasons, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring, are very different. First, the Summer in Logan is pretty hot. The temperature is normally 62-90°F and sometimes it is much higher than 90°F during the day. It is very hot because Logan is in the bottom part of the mountain areas. Second, Autumn is comfortable weather from 48-62°F, but there has a lot of rain before snow is starting fall. Third, the Winter in Logan already has a lot of snow so many people usually skiing during that time. The temperature is around 20-36°F. Last, in Spring the weather is very good for every activity such as fishing. The temperature is between 52°F-68°F